Inadequate intake of naproxen causes heart risks

Naproxen is one of the most commonly used drugs for patients around the world, and it is an anti-inflammatory that precisely addresses a series of general ailments, usually presented by patients.
Muscle aches, postoperative inflammations or general malaise; For all this is used this painkiller, one of the most popular drugs in the world, which is accessed at any pharmacy or market without explicit need for a prescription, as long as it is consumed in few quantities.
Nevertheless, according to a series of studies carried out by some laboratories, it has determined that the inadequate consumption of it could increase the probability of having a cardiac arrest by 31%.
But according to this same study has determined that there are other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (known NSAIDs) that could even represent a risk higher than that already mentioned.

Know the degree of lethality between naproxen and another series of anti-inflammatories

Among a large list of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, it is possible to evaluate in each of them a certain degree of danger as to its consumption, and the risks that it may represent in our body.
Despite being highly recommended drugs by doctors indiscriminate consumption of these could lead to a series of complications in our body exorbitantly, highlighting among the most known consequences, increased likelihood of suffering cardiac arrest.
Thus; Some societies of cardiology in Europe, and their respective co-authors of the aforementioned study, have stressed that allowing to buy these drugs without a clear prescription and also without any advice or restriction regarding their consumption, sends an erroneous message to the public where Stipulates that its consumption is completely safe.
In spite of the above, some studies that have been carried out with a clear anticipation have shown that anti-inflammatory analgesics are directly related to an increased risk of cardiovascular complications. This is something to worry about, since their consumption has become as common as the intake of One of the daily meals.
To conclude the series of investigations carried out regarding these drugs, the studies showed, amazing results regarding the consumption of naproxen affirming that it is the safest NSAID, from which it can be ingested up to a daily dose of 500 milligrams.
Discarding the lethality of naproxeno in terms of daily consumption, two other drugs remain to be analyzed, namely ibuprofen and diclofenac, in order to carry out an adequate investigation regarding the risk involved in its consumption, two aspects were analyzed.
A study was conducted in which a critical analysis was performed on cardiac arrest in Denmark for a period of nine years beginning in 2001, in addition to information about the medical prescription of these drugs since the 1990s.
Likewise, the number of cardiac arrests in this period of time was quite high, of which 12% of patients during the last month had experienced frequent use of one of these NSAIDs.
In conclusion, it has been recommended to avoid frequent use of analgesics such as ibuprofen and diclofenac, leaving naproxen as the best option.




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