Healthy Pregnancy at Christmas: Moderation, Smoke-Free Spaces and Relaxation

A baby is on the way and this Christmas is going to be very special at home. But the mother-to-be has to take some precautions during the holidays. A gynecologist explains how to do it

Among the foods to be avoided during pregnancy is raw pork, as it is susceptible to transmitting toxoplasm, a parasite that can cause miscarriages and malformations in the fetus/Manuel Bruque.

During the Christmas period, the designated days are always celebrated around a table. Given the abundance of succulent food and the large number of gastronomic events that follow on these dates, moderation is important for anyone, but much more so during pregnancy.

Everything that the pregnant woman eats comes to the baby,”recalls Francisco Carlos Zorrilla Romera, a gynecologist at the Hospital Santa Ana in Motril (Granada). The specialist says that during pregnancy it is not necessary to eat for two, although the pregnant woman does feel like it. Pregnancy is a very important hormonal change that has great metabolic repercussions. This implies, on the one hand, a greater desire to eat and, on the other, that the food the mother-to-be eats feeds her better,”she says.

However, Dr. Zorrilla makes it clear that not everything a pregnant woman eats is good for the baby. In this regard, he stresses the importance of both the amount of food consumed and the type of food.

Three groups of foods for pregnancy

The expert divides the foods into three groups: those that are very healthy and whose consumption should be increased; those whose consumption should be limited; and, finally, those that should not be consumed during pregnancy. The first group includes fruits, vegetables, pasta, nuts, dairy products and fish, albeit with some limitations. In the food whose intake should be reduced are: coffee, tea, some fish, fried or pâté.

The gynecologist explains that you can drink tea or coffee during pregnancy, but without abusing it. “One or two cups a day is an acceptable amount. It’s not bad to drink coffee, the bad thing is to drink, for example, four coffees a day,”he says. It also states that consumption of some large, grouper-type or bluefin tuna fish should be limited as they accumulate large amounts of mercury.

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